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Iqama delivery in Qassim through Muqeem portal


GDP, in cooperation with Elm, is launching the second phase of the parcel delivery service, through Muqeem portal, in Qassim region after the successful launch of the first phase in Riyadh region, by issuing more than one million electronic transactions since the start of the service.
GDP is currently working on expanding the electronic parcel service to include Qassim region. This new service will enable creating postal parcels after printing the Iqama to enable the beneficiary to request adding it in the parcel and locating the receiver address. This new service will be added to the list of Muqeem services offered by GDP to save beneficiary's time and effort, starting from issuing Iqama, changing profession, services transfer and now launching postal parcels service.
GDP has praised the role played by Elm in achieving the common strategic goals of providing innovative and modern services to beneficiaries.  
GDP stated that postal parcels service provided by Muqeem portal has succeeded in achieving more than one million electronic transactions, out of which 600,000 new Iqama, and more than 400,000 new dependent Iqama. Those Iqama permits were delivered to the beneficiaries with more than 70,000 postal parcels within Riyadh region.  
On the other hand, GDP seeks, in cooperation with Elm, to develop its services, satisfy clients’ needs and deploy technology in best possible methods so that facilities and individuals can work faster and clients can achieve better services with less cost.
It is worth mentioning that Muqeem portal provides instant and reliable information about any expatriate, using his Iqama number and saves time, effort and money of the Human Resources Department at any organization. The portal also notifies the Human Resources Department about any violations or illegal behavior regarding travel or Iqama transactions, in addition, the portal enables filling all GDP forms automatically and instantly.