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1300 Saudi Employees Lead "Elm" to be Honored by Gulf Countries


More than 1300 Saudi Employees of "Elm" Company, which is owned by the General Investments Fund, have lead the Company to be honored by Labor Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 1300, is the total number of "Elm" Saudi Employees. By this number of Saudi employees, the Company has exceeded the 80% target of Saudization among its employees. This of course had drawn the attention of Gulf Cooperation Council and led it to honor the Company as the leading company in nationalization of jobs in the region this year 2015.
The honoring came as a result of celebration and welcoming of Outstanding Private Sector Organizations in the Region within the 32nd Meeting of Gulf States' Labor Ministers in Doha of Qatar State.
The Executive Director of Human Resources at "Elm" Company, Mr. Muneer Owaish Al Fahidi was handed over the Shield of Honor by the Council of Labor Ministers. Alfahidi, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Labor Council of Ministers for its efforts regarding the support of nationalization of jobs in the Gulf Countries and also for its efforts in setting and promoting leading initiatives that are aimed at motivating and cheering up the Private Sector to adopt more supporting policies for nationalizing jobs.
Al Fahidi added "We at "Elm" Company, are very proud of this great achievement which came as a result of a professional effort that aimed at substituting Saudi workers for foreign workers in various jobs, thereby becoming a productive Saudi national Company that trains and qualifies national cadres which the Country became proud of.
Al Fahidi pointed to the importance of exploiting human energies and national competencies for the development of the Kingdom and its success in "Elm" Company, saying "From the onset, our concern was to be the main building block in the government's strategy for Saudization which we are proud of achieving. By the end of last year we have achieved more than 80% at all sectors of the company when the number of Saudis employees in the company numbered more than 1330"
The Human Resources Manager explained that "Elm" Company's strategy is quite clear, for it aims at increasing the number of its Saudi employees through   attracting, training and developing their skills and refining their capabilities in order to qualify them to occupy leading leadership positions in the company. The Manager, stressed that nationalization of jobs in "Elm" Company is a carefully planned, thoughtful studied and a systematically processed. He added that "Elm" is not only aiming  at increasing the ratio of citizens employed in it, but it is also working hard to raise their efficiency by attracting young Saudis, recruiting them and training them in order to bear responsibility and contribute effectively to the company's growth and development.
He disclosed that his Company is quite aware that its long term investment lies in the Human Resources Field, therefore the Company is always trying to attract Saudi talents and give opportunities to develop through inspiring Programs. This, he concluded has proved to be very successful in accomplishing a number of successes which has supported and enhanced the identity of the Company and its ambitions to be a pioneer company in the provision of services, electronic solutions, support projects and training.