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Elm Concludes Cooperative Training


Last week, Elm Company had concluded its "Cooperative Training Program" seven months after it had patronized the event within its programs that were aimed at supporting Social Responsibility. By these programs, the Company aims at providing initiatives to create outstanding success stories for the Youth who are interested in the technical aspect. The "Cooperative Training Program" is specialized in supporting the new generations and those who are interested in Technology, in addition to students At Technical Colleges and Universities and other Colleges to implement their projects and get trained in a realistic environment in order to release their energies and become be innovative and creative.

The Director of Creativity and Business Development Department of the Company, Engineer Tariq bin Abdulaziz Al Ghunaim confirmed that the initiatives of Hulm Program include educating and culturing students, and it also includes training and supporting these students Engineer Al Ghunaim stressed that his Company follows a realistic plan that targets advanced students at Computer Colleges and Information Technology Students in the Kingdom. Among these Colleges is the Faculties of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology Departments, Information Systems, programing, Data Bases, Networks, Information Security and ecommerce.


The Director added that 400 persons have applied to participate in the Cooperative Training Program, eighty were interviewed but only six were admitted. They were drawn from several universities, these are: King Saud University, King Fahd University and Prince Sultan Private University, adding that the specializations targeted for participation in the Cooperative Training are those of Administrative Information Systems, Marketing and Computer Science.
Engineer Al Ghunaim explained that the most important projects that they had worked on were the Website of Hulm Program, the application of reserving Guest houses and chalets which is currently available at Program Shop, and employment system recommendations.

The Director of Creativity and Business Development at Elm Company also stressed that chances for training are still available and applications will be received next October, explaining that the specializations available will be Marketing, and the various Information Technology specializations.
Engineer Al Ghunaim explained that the Cooperative Training Program has used an international method in training and wad applied in teaching students and train them on several aspects of technology that is known for its concentration on the practical aspect. The delivery of information depends largely on the application of concepts learned by the student for building up a Real Project.

In the same context, “Elm” has assured that it has transformed its eagerness with Technology into several practical programs aimed at an effective participation of the Social Responsibility. Cooperative Training is one of the most important and prominent programs of Social Responsibility directed towards students of Computer Science and Information.

“Elm” added that the Program provides students with the opportunity to gain variety of technical experience especially that the learning environment provided by the program is seen as a good opportunity for the gifted to plan for their future and achieve their objectives through a background of knowledge they practically acquire from their experience in Realistic environment that is provided by this Program..


The Company hopes that the Social Responsibility Program contributes to making a deep change in the Electronic Business Sector by feeding the Market with qualified Saudi graduates by providing thousands of employment opportunities during the next few years.

And pointed out that innovation and creativity are key to success in facilitating life, and because a lot of organizations have complex systems, the role of creativity comes in the employment of smart technology to simplify these systems, and raise the levels of quality and speed, resulting in more revenue and better services, pointing out that they support and encourage national talents with abilities and skills and who are able to invent and innovate with a view to the preparation of high expertise national cadres in terms of its ongoing quest to be the a source of national inspiration for e-business sector, and a solid foundation for the nationalization of IT industry project, through technical programs that are seen as one of the standards of basic performance at the Company and one of its strategic objectives.
 It shall be noted that “Elm” Company provides logistical support for projects in coordination with Educational Authorities, and assists in solving the technical challenges that students face while working on their projects, and "Elm" encourages students to be creative and innovate in order to organize local competitions and grants the winning projects valuable prizes..