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Elm sponsors the engineering innovations center at KSU


Elm Company has made a technical strategic cooperation agreement with King Saud University to sponsor the engineering innovation center.
The agreement aims at supporting engineering innovation and giving the university students motivating opportunities for implementing value-added innovative projects that can be converted into economical investment products according to specific principles and standards under the scope of the center.
“Elm” explained in a press statement that it always aims to enhance fruitful and productive partnerships through holding scientific agreements and memorandums of understanding with the relevant entities.
The agreement with King Saud University, indicates that the company supports the university with this the strategic direction to achieve its leading ambition in the fields of the technical research and the scientific development related to the actual needs of the developmental and productive sectors in the kingdom. This could b e achieved via the applied research and engineering innovations that contribute in solving the problems associated with the needs of the kingdom and support the economic growth in a way that achieves progress for all the groups of society.
Elm Company stated that the agreement with King Saud University will contribute to the provision of research projects aim to solve the problems facing work market. Also, it will provide innovative ideas to motivate the students to work on them in order to be converted into value-added products or services and encourage the students towards business initiatives, and benefiting from the capabilities of the company in the best productive practices and reaching market quickly. It explained that the agreement will sponsor an annual award for the innovative projects in the name of Elm Company supervised by the University represented by faculty of engineering.
Elm thanked King Saud University for its interest in enhancing the strategic partnership to support engineering innovation and give the opportunity for the students to implement innovative projects, and selecting Elm to sponsor the engineering innovations center.
“Elm” indicated that innovation and creativity is the key to success in making life matters easier. It also tried to simplify the complex systems in many organizations by employing the role of innovation in smart technology that helped to raise the level of the quality and speed. This helped in producing more revenues and better services. It asserted that the company supports and encourages harnessing national talented students with the abilities and skills. This make them creative for the purpose of preparing national cadres with high experiences out of its ongoing quest to be a source of national inspiration for the electronic business sector, and a solid basis for the project of nationalizing IT industry.
In the same context, the engineering innovations' center is considered a regional model for the student innovations system in King Saud University. It aims at developing the creative innovative thinking for the students and enhancing their knowledge and skills through providing a supportive environment for innovation. However, this produces innovative ideas and embodies them in value-added practical models. The center has the basic fittings for design, installation and measurement in different scientific fields that are presented by the faculty of engineering in addition to the technical and logistic support for students.
It should be noted that “Elm” company always takes the initiative to sponsor the educational institutions specialized in IT to support and develop this technical sector. Moreover to employ the smart technology in facilitating the information systems as much as possible for government and private authorities, and to encourage national talents to invent and innovate for the purpose of preparing professional cadres with high experiences that support local market.