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Elm represents its success serving e-government services


During its participation in the events of "DGAE", which was held from April 11 to 13, Elm represented models of government services and projects that the company has contributed to transform services provided to citizens and residents in the Kingdom into integrated electronic services. The company represented, through its booth in the International Public Sector Excellence Pavilion with another 55 government entities from 18 different countries around the world, its latest innovations and projects in the Kingdom.
Elm CEO, Dr. AbdulRahman Aljadhai emphasized, during his participation in the international conference for future government which proceeded the exhibition, to the importance of leadership and innovation in the private sector and the match of this trend with the visions of the kingdoms.
He pointed out in his speech to "the vital role played by privatization in the government sectors by taking advantage of the flexibility and innovation of the private sector", mentioning "Elm experience and its cooperation with its partners in the government sectors."
Dr. Aljadhai stressed out that those projects and partnerships accounted for the success stories in the transformation towards the concept of smart government in the Kingdom. "
The Dubai Government Excellence Program (the organizer of the exhibition) has nominated "Elm" to be among the leading international companies in this area and mentioned "Elm significant role in supporting the smart transformation towards electronic services in the government of Saudi Arabia, through the company IT projects with the government sectors, in addition to the government outsourcing projects, process reengineering and services development"