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Elm sponsors Mawhiba


Talent Enrichment Programs "Mawhiba" were sponsored this summer by "Elm" Company held at King Saud University, Engineering Innovations Center and organized by "King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity" "Mawhiba" in coordination with Jones Hopkins University.
The program Targeted talented students from the various regions of the Kingdom, through supporting a number of cognition, skills, and advanced experience.
iba"  Enrichment  programs are free programs offered to  talented male and female students where a number of specialized activities in one of the scientific skills of advanced quality for the development of personal, cognitive, mental, psychological, social and physical aspects.
These programs also aim at the highest possible development of students' aptitudes and guiding them in such a way as to suit their interests, abilities, and enhance students communication with international universities and open promising prospects for them to continue their study, in addition to highlight national aptitudes and prepare students to support the transformation of the Kingdom towards a Knowledge-based society.
 In a press statement, "Elm" expressed its intention to enhance productive and valuable partnership with "King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity", through patronizing scientific programs in the arena of Talents and Innovations, stressing that it supports "King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity" whereas the Company also agrees with Foundation in its strategic orientations to achieve its ambitious pioneering and innovative goals in technical research and cognitive development that are associated with the actual needs of developmental  and productive sectors in addition to develop their ideas through cultural mixing with intellectual elite of talented students drawn from diverse local and international cultural backgrounds, and provide them with an opportunity to participate in international exhibitions and competitions to represent the Kingdom in International Scientific Forums.
"Elm" has expressed thankfulness and gratitude to "King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity" for its keenness in enhancing strategic partnership to support the Talented People and offering "Elm" Company an opportunity to sponsor the "Talent Enrichment Programs".
On his part, the Executive Director for the Emerging Business Sector at "Elm Company", Dr. Mohammed Al Muhaimeed, stressed that the company will support and encourage national talents that have  high aptitudes and good skills and who are able to invent and innovate so that national cadres of  high expertise could be found.  This is because of the Company's ongoing quest to be a source of inspiration for the national e-business' sector, and also be a solid foundation for the transfer of information Technology industry into the Kingdom.
According to Dr. Muhaimeed "Elm" always has the initiative to patronize Educational Institutions that are specialized in innovation and creativity, to support and develop them. The Company, he added is in full belief that talent generates innovative ideas the serves everyone's interest.
It should be noted that the Program Content of Summer Talent Enrichment Program,  is focused on issues of vital importance that are related to scientific and technical fields which were approved by the National Plan for Science and Technology and to support innovation, providing students and units of enrichment has been developed in collaboration with the talented young center, Johns Hopkins University, US a specialist in the field of software long experience topics Summer for the gifted and the more than 30 years.
On the other hand "Elm" Company has earlier signed a Technical Strategic Cooperation  Agreement with King Saud University, to sponsor The Engineering Innovations Center Agreement which is designed to support the engineering creativity among students of the University and to give students of the University stimulating opportunities of value-added innovative projects that can be converted into economic investment products in accordance with certain principles and specific criteria under the umbrella of the center, as the agreement will also allow "Elm" Company the Formal Sponsorship of an annual award for innovative projects supervised by the University represented by the Faculty of Engineering.