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Elm sponsors Princess Nora Unversity cooperation with Gartner


Recently, Princess Nora University has held, in cooperation with the global studies and research institution «Gartner», the scientific meeting entitled "The major trends in the field of big data analysis: tools and technologies". This meeting was conducted in the University Theater at the Collage of Computer and Information Science and was sponsored by «Elm» company.
In the meeting, the international expert in the field of big data: Rita Salam, had presented an introduction to big data, its analysis and main components, in addition to presenting the most prominent tools in the field, and the key developments geared to the market of big data analysis and business intelligence.
The speaker also reviewed a number of case studies and highlighted the changing waves in the field, including Information Portals, Analyst Workbench, and Augmented Intelligence.
The meeting concluded with an open discussion with the audience, which included students, faculty members and academicians from a variety of universities, as well as those who are interested in the technical community from government entities and private sector such as SADAD Payment system, Tamkeen Technologies and King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba). The total attendance has reached nearly 300 people.
For its part, «Elm» expressed its thanks and appreciation to Princess Nora University for the opportunity to sponsor this scientific meeting, and for its commitment to strengthening the strategic partnership to support society individuals, as well as its extreme interest in holding scientific meetings and specialized events.
«Elm» explained in a press release that it is looking to enhance productive partnerships through sponsoring scientific programs and motivating events in the technical field, stressing that the company supports those meetings that conform to the strategic direction of «Elm» to achieve the leading and innovative aspiration in many fields.
The sponsorship of this event was based on a number of distinct elements in Princess Nora University, as it is considered as one of the most prestigious Saudi universities with equipped facilities and high-level technical infrastructure. In addition, a large number of qualified female students graduate from this university, which aims at developing their skills and paving their way to achieve appropriate future career opportunities.
Moreover, attracting many speakers and holding specialized scientific meetings is the most prominent characteristic of Princess Nora University since its establishment.
It worth noting that «Elm» company always initiates to sponsor the educational institutions specialized in IT field to support and develop the technical sector, and to employ intelligent technology to facilitate information systems as much as possible for governmental and private sector entities, and to encourage national talent who have the abilities and skills and who are capable of invention and innovation in order to prepare national cadres with high expertise to support the local market.​