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Elm particiaptes in the World Conference for Training in the USA


Elm represented by its Training Solutions Sector, has taken part at the World Conference for Training and Training Equipment, (Simulation for Exercise), which is organized annually in Orlando of the United States, during the period from 30th  November to 4th December 2015.


The conference is interested in the area of Training, Training Technology & Techniques and Development. The Conference also reviews the latest international practices in this area. During the Conference a number of specialized workshops were held.


Meanwhile, "Elm Company" will put on show the latest training solutions for the development and enhancement of operational capabilities by employing the best practices and technologies in this field, in partnership with exceptional partners who are renowned worldwide.  "Elm Company" would also display its ability to identify its customers’ training needs in addition to designing and developing  training programs as well as measuring the impact of training on operational capabilities of customers.


On his part, Dr. Nasser Al-Mishari, the Executive Director of Training Solutions Sector, explained that "Elm Company"  is seeking through its Pavilion  in this International Conference, to introduce the strategic vision in the development of human resources by innovating substantial training solutions that increase  operational capabilities, and seeks also to build an effective investment partnerships in the field of Training solutions.




Moreover, Dr. Almashari explained that the Training Solutions Sector is looking forward through its participation in this World Conference, to achieve its vision of being World-Class Training and Development provider. He pointed out that the task of his Sector is to look forward to investing in this field by attracting the best techniques and the latest technology professional experts, and then transferring this technology home here in the Kingdom in order to ensure the continuity of human resources development.


The Executive Director of Training Solutions said that they are working hard in this Sector so as to achieve results that exceed customer expectations, and this could be done by employing efficient, capable,  and high-level employees through high level cognitive training methods of global content in order to reach the level of required needs in  accordance with the wishes of our clients and their objectives. We, he said do not limit ourselves only to enhancing the capacity, skills and improvement of training environment only, but we are also measuring performance outputs to ensure realization of the desired success and influence at the workplace. Where the human element remains the focus of success in all projects that we carry out for our customers.


 It shall be noted that the number of participants in the World Conference for Training and Training Equipment exceeds 2,600 organizations and individuals specialized in training services. Visitor are expected to reach up to 20 thousand.