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Elm convenes the training day for the employees


(February 2018), Elm recently organized the training day for the company's employees, where many specialized international training institutes were invited in order to find out about these training institutes by the employees and choose the appropriate training for them.

The exhibition aims to raise the efficiency of learning by attracting the best programs and institutes under one roof and to reduce the effort and time of the employee while searching for a suitable training program or a professional training entity, beside helping the employee to identify his needs and guiding him to meet them.

This occasion was accompanied by the launch of the 2018 internship schedule for employees and managers, as well as providing assistance and consultation to the employees, thus increasing the level of interaction and harmony. Through the exhibition, the opportunity was given to receive an appropriate course that meets the training needs of the employees, as well as the launch of the LMS program and familiarizing employees on how to use it. The training day contributed in providing information of employees' service providers, providing necessary information to improve the selection of training, and obtaining competitive prices from training entities.

Elm sees the human element as the key of the prime success in all its business, since the human resources in the company works to identify the needs. Then, designs and develops the training