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Elm concluded Tajrubaty Forum at a number of universities


"Tajrubaty" forum which came under "Elm ambassadors program" recently concluded in a number of universities after providing a number of specialized lectures to find innovative solutions to difficulties and obstacles experienced by students at the universities and the private sector and to bridge the gap between academic studies and the labor market.
Elm presented a group of its elite employees who talked about their career paths and provided tips and guidance to graduate students. The lectures were held at a number of universities such as Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, King Saud University and the King Fahd University.
Elm sought to supply some of its specialized employees who have good communication and presentation skills to present their experiences and to make recommendations of a career path for students who are still at university. These employees show students the skills required by the labor market together with other basic skills that students must have to bridge this gap, stressing that the real intellect lies in allowing students to start from where others have finished.
The forum targeted the faculties of Computing and Information Technology, Engineering and Business Management. A case study for each faculty was created, presented at the faculty theater and invitations were sent to all students of this faculty to attend.
Elm expressed its delight for supporting these forums which promote students culture in work environments at the government and private sectors and raise the level of knowledge about the labor market. Elm stressed out that "Tajrubaty forum" is a unique initiative to activate the role of social responsibility and to support and encourage national talents at universities to become professionals and to prepare highly educated and skilled national cadres.
Elm further added that "Tajrubaty forum" will reinforce the strategic partnership between the company and the educational entities to support members of the community and to promote the spirit of social responsibility among everyone, noting that the support for the forum is aligned with the company strategic plan to achieve leading and innovative ambitions in many areas.
Elm also stated that the forum is one of the objectives of "Elm ambassadors program" which was launched earlier, the program allows Elm to effectively share its knowledge and experiences with the society to activate the effects of applied sciences received by students in classrooms and experienced at work and in practice.
Finally, we would like to mention that Elm is a Saudi Joint Stock Company owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). Elm is a leading company in performance improvement, technical and management development for the government and it also provides high quality electronic services which meet the aspirations of the wise leadership of this country and satisfy expectations of citizens and residents.