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Elm and Tawtheeq Sign an Agreement to Develop Technical Integration Services


Elm, the digital solutions leader, signed a technical integration agreement with Tawtheeq to register finance lease contracts (Tawtheeq), at Elm's headquarters in the capital, Riyadh.

The agreement was signed by Elm's Vice President of Product Suites, Maher Ibrahim Al Wahaiby, and the CEO of Tawtheeq, Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Jadid, to register finance lease contracts (Tawtheeq). This agreement aims to provide technical linking services (Yakeen) to register financial lease contracts by contributing to auditing customer data. This will facilitate audits of customer data in Tawtheeq Plus service of Tawtheeq, which documents finance lease contracts.

This contract between the two companies aims to improve the digital services provided to Tawtheeq customers and facilitate the process of documenting finance lease contracts easily and effectively. Yakeen helps enterprises audit the data of any person to whom it relates in an official relationship (such as customers, auditors, employees, and applicants). It is a direct, accurate, and fast data transfer service that reduces forgery and impersonation, obtains updated data, and always matches official records. It also raises the level of data quality and reduces the time and effort needed to complete transactions.

Tawtheeq is a Saudi company licensed by the Saudi Central Bank to provide finance lease contracts registration and amendments services, provide contract records, and contribute to preserving the rights of customers in the finance lease system.

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