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Elm cooperates with a Turkish company specialized in software and systems development


Elm, a Saudi company specialized in intelligent systems development, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) yesterday with Havelsan company, a leading Turkish company in software development, integrated communication solutions and Iinformation security systems. The MOU will allow both parties to have a long term partnership to cooperate for future opportunities.
The MOU was signed in presence of Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed AlShebel, Elm Executive Manager for Sectors and Mr. Hartin Özen, Havelsan chairman. The MOU comes under recent efforts pursued by Elm for diversification of modern technology systems and global expertise to enrich the portfolio of services which provided added-value solutions for services and procedures for government sector partners at the Kingdom.
Following the signing of the MOU, Eng. Fahad AlShebel stated the following "Based on our commitment to provide our services in the field of IT and government process re-engineering, it is our responsibility to contribute to the diversification of technology tributaries for services and their development, hence this MOU derives its importance, especially that it opens the door for knowledge transfer between the two parties, which will reflect on the technical side aiming to strengthen the productive capacities of governments, business and private sectors". Eng. AlShebel also stressed that the MOU will help to provide solutions and expertise to meet the unique and advanced objectives in information technology, it will ensure the existence of a special relationship with "Havelsan,", and it will be a milestone to discuss contractual arrangements for any potential projects between the two parties.​​​