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Hacton Elm 2015 Events Concluded


Elm has concluded the Hacton Elm 2015 Event which usually targets students of Kingdom's universities who Majored in technology whether professionals or amateurs. This was done in two different channels. The first is the "iOS"  and the second is the (Android).
Amid challenging and competitive atmosphere to provide innovative technology solutions, the contest lasted for three days – Thursday to Saturday, in Riyadh.
It shall be noted that "Hacthon Contest" is an International event where Programmers meet to develop software programs thereby they contribute extensively in software programing and other fields of computer. "Hacton Contest" is also seen as one of the initiatives of  "Hulm Programs" organized annually to motivate young brains to be more innovative in the field of software development and design, by inculcating the spirit of competition and partnership among students, and equip them with experience that enhance their skills and creativity in addition to  increasing their efficiency and their ability to cope with and overcome problems, obstacles and complications that they may face in the future.
On his part, the Director of Innovation and Business Development Section of Elm Company" Mr. Tariq bin Abdulaziz Al Ghunaim, said "the contest was launched last year under the umbrella of "Hulm Program" when it has achieved popularity among the targeted groups" "today" he added "We continue implementing this innovative initiative with the participation of 45 candidates".
The Director, added ""Hacton Elm" is a competitive cooperative contest that aims at raising the technical and administrative efficiency of students" "the program", he continued "is organized in Riyadh on an annual bases, and where a specific a technical problem is asked and then participant will be given twenty four hours to solve the problem. Then the best solutions will be selected and awarded valuable prizes that be reach up to SR 120,000" the Director continued. "The contest begins by forming a team to find a solution for the problem, and the contestant could select a partner before the beginning of the contest."
Al Ghunaim explained further that knowledge is the basic element of national economic and social development and that "Elm Company" has adopted the development of cognitive awareness value in the community, believing that it is its  social responsibility and its effect in the youth and enhances their competences, which will enable them to work and take part in effectively building up a more diversified economy in the Kingdom."
The Director indicated that "Elm" is following a proactive approach to attract talents and adopting them, and seeks to discover where they are more creative. He stressed that "Elm Company" perceives that the present business environment is open to all possibilities and vicissitudes.
This, he continued, led the Company to establish  a new Department for creativity and business development, in addition to  inaugurating a bank for Ideas that encourages any creative talented person to implement his ideas and will be supported by the Company with Awards and Prizes."
Meanwhile, Al Ghunaim clarified that "Elm Company" has transformed its passion with technology into real program named it "Hulm" for active participation of social responsibility. The Director expected that "Hulm" will contribute to a radical change on the Electronic Business Sector by meeting the need for qualified Saudi graduates which will provide thousands of employment opportunities in the near future.
It shall be noted that the number of participants in " Hacton Elm 2015" has reached 54 students out of 152 applicants. An opportunity has been created for accepting female participants this year.