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Elm Company holds an introductory session for Eshara


Elm company, the leading provider of digital solutions, held an introductory session yesterday in Riyadh for Eshara service under the theme: "We hear you with our solutions." Eshara helps break the barrier between deaf and hearing people by providing certified sign language interpreters who interpret spoken Arabic into sign language through visual communication in a way that ensures privacy in public and private sector services.

Eshara came as a solution for communication through writing, which is not the ideal way to aid the deaf people since written Arabic is a secondary language for the deaf. Therefore, Eshara was built to improve services provided for the deaf community and help them communicate better which contributes to increasing efficiency in formal transactions in the public and private services, while ensuring flexibility, privacy and independence in conducting transactions through a direct channel of communication that meets the deaf needs.

 Eshara is characterized by a secure, high-quality video chat platform that accompanies the customer in his journey until evaluating interpreters in order to ensure improvement, and to achieve effective communication and comprehensive services.

Eshara offers a smartphone application that can be downloaded from Apple & Google Play stores. Eshara users need to register their personal data to receive a notification that indicates whether the nearby area is covered by Eshara or not.

It is worth mentioning that Elm has strong relationship with various sectors in the Kingdom. Elm adopts partnerships through business model for developing integrated digital services that enhance customer journey and improves quality of services.