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Strategic partnership between Public Education Evaluation Commission and Elm


Public Education Evaluation Commission lunched yesterday lunched the strategic partnership between the commission and "Elm" which aims to provide IT services from Elm company to facilitate the transactions within the body, enabling it to offer its services in a professional and efficient manner to accommodate the largest possible number of beneficiaries, in the interests of The commission to develop the public education environment in the Kingdom.


And cope with this partnership to adopt the five-year strategic plan for Public Education Evaluation Commission, which included a number of technical initiatives that help the commission to carry out its functions mechanically to achieve the speed of access to the beneficiaries for their services in safely and reliable manner.


His Excellency the Governor of Public Education Evaluation Commission , Dr. Nayef bin Hishal Rumi explained that, this partnership to strengthen and support the strategic directions of Public Education Evaluation Commission through  a future vision aims to contribute to the achievement of economic development, by raising the quality of education and its practices through  high-quality qualitative learning, stressing that these trends lead the work of the Commission and constitute a general framework for  its projects and programs in order to develop and improve the public education.

Dr. Rumi said "The construction of a solid and deep partnership with Elm Company with professional manner in the implementation of the commission is one of the strategic orientations to support advanced educational industry in general and in the field of evaluation from the technical side particularly.

Dr. Rumi reported that, building the partnerships is one of main the commission's strategies, whether with public or private sector for the purpose of implementation of the commission's works and develop it continually in order to achieve creativity and innovation in the implementation, stressing at the same time that the agreement with the Elm company is tremendously successful because the commission in the first phase has become a typical paperless work environment.

His Excellency the Governor stated that the draft agreement includes the second phase in the construction of the internal systems of the commission on private cloud computing platform of Elm company, providing electronic services and unique technology, and he added that, the project aims to transform the applied specialists of the commission to electronic systems in accordance with the strategic agreement with Elm company, the technical partner performing the project.

In the same context, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Saad Aljdaay CEO of Elm Company thanked Public Education Evaluation Commission on the  confidence to assign service "Asha-Easy" in the construction of the internal systems of the commission , stressing that this project is the beginning of a partnership with the commission to support this important sector in the Kingdom.


 Dr. Aljdaai congratulated Public Education Evaluation Commission as the the first government entity applying the cloud computing platform in the Middle East  through Elm Company, noting that this achievement is only the beginning of future successes, God willing.


CEO of Elm Company added that the service "-Ashal-easier" is a sophisticated service that provides typical applications and programs systems through a single provider service for entering the cloud computing platform in Public and Private sector, aimed at reducing the cost, risk and operational burdens of electronic services, noting that the service is one of the most important solutions to find a suitable technical solutions for the beneficiary sectors.


He referred that, this service provides  the beneficiaries multiple features  such as  full-time and deviation  , focus on their core business and activities, access to anywhere in the world via a secure channel, the lack of need for technical interventions (update, change or take backup copies) which exhaust the time and money, in addition to getting a continuously on the latest technical advantages and possibilities, avoid the hidden costs, and develop the budget accurately for their technical projects. The service also seeks to reduce business operating costs and manage them, where shared resources and operating costs across more applications and users, and in line with the regulations and legislation, all of these services available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


And at the same level, the strategic relationship between Public Education Evaluation Commission depends on the principle of partnership and exchange of expertise, as well as the provision of assistive consulting in making decisions professionally and provide a model in raising the accounting standard and transparency in the implementation of IT projects that Elm company will implement them for the benefit of the commission.


The agreement between the two parties also aims to establish and create a new experience in dealing with Big Industry Data and follow the ideal procedures to deal with, as well as save it with safety in ways that are very high and build a systematic check organizing preservation and development summoned and take advantage of tools and ensuring arranged archiving and build a historical sequence in accordance with the methodology of dealing with the approved large data globally.


It is worth mentioning that the Elm Company is one of the pioneers in improving the technical, administrative performance development for the government in the provision of electronic services (E-government) on a high level quality in accordance with the aspiration of the wise leadership and to achieve the satisfaction of citizens and residents. Elm is honored to meet public sector needs, including Public Education Evaluation Commission, as a strategic partner taking advantage of the long and gained experience over the past years to provide a typical solutions worthy of the Public sector and to meet their aspirations to achieve system and standards of e-government and allow to take advantage of other services of Elm Company and to provide connectivity services with government agencies and the National Information Center.


It is noted that, the decision of organizing and establishing Public Education Evaluation Commission was issued under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (120) dated 04/22/1434 H, to be a governmental legal body, has independent administrative financial character based on the processes of public and National Education Evaluation in the Kingdom, and therefore, the Commission shall be linked to the Prime Minister until Higher Council of Education exercise its jurisdiction..


To be headed by the board of directors with the presidency of the Governor of the commission, and the members of the council shall be constituted of all concerning bodies in the field of the educational process as well as specialists and representatives of the private education sector. The Commission works through its Board of Directors in collaboration and institutional positive interaction with the government and private agencies related to the issuance of rules regulations, licenses and setting standards necessary for the evaluation process in all different stages according to its regulations framework.

The evaluation process relies on the legislation and mechanisms for regular and procedural legislations ensure the institutional positive interaction to make a achieve a quality leap in the field of education in line with the developments and keep pace with the general vision and policy of the State, in order to support the sustainable development and the promotion of homeland balance of intellectual capital, as well as raise the quality of education level.