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Today "Elm Company" concludes the Program "Elm Ambassadors" at 4 Universities


"Elm Company" has announced the commencement of registration for "Elm Ambassadors" Program on Sunday  for university students in the Kingdom who are interested in the program. The registration could be carried out through the website: www.elm.sa. The program aims at making "Elm Company" dynamic in sharing its experience and knowledge with the community in order to stimulate the practical impact of information acquired by students at the university, the nature of business and practices.
In pursuit of the Company's social responsibility, we in "Elm" are looking forward to exploit the skills and abilities of university students, which are seen the most important fronts of society through which knowledge could be transferred  by the effective participation of the elitist students in the service of their society from within the university so that they become ambassadors of Elm Company in their universities.
Elm Company is hoping that candidates shall have enough skills and attributes to be good ambassadors of Elm, among the attributes required, is that he should be socially active and has leadership charisma and must have passed the first two years of his Bachelor's Degree with high accumulated marks, could speak English and has a lot of skills necessary for contesting.
In a press release, Elm Company stressed that the experiment of "Elm Ambassadors" is a qualitative leap into transferring knowledge from the Company to the educational environments in the Kingdom through these distinctive enlightened minds. According to the Company, the "Ambassadors" of the Program are students who are still studying and acquiring knowledge at Saudi Universities. Each of the Ambassadors represents Elm in his University. "Elm" explained that the Ambassador candidates bear the major tasks and responsibilities of firstly presenting speakers who represent "Elm" in meetings and gatherings aimed at sharing knowledge in universities, and secondly to become an Ambassador who is responsible for coordinating any hosting held at the university in addition to being a link between the "Program" and the University regarding knowledge sharing forums in addition to support task. In addition to the support mission, the "Ambassador" provides the necessary support in assisting students who are looking for employment or training opportunities in an appropriate way and participate in employment exhibitions at his university and where "Elm" participates in.
Munir Al Fahidi, the Director of Human Resources said that Launching "Elm Ambassadors Program" at this time is in accordance with a certain schedule that targets students, adding that four universities have been selected based on the interaction of students with other "Elm" Social Programs. Later other universities will be included if the program was successful.
The Director of Human Resources added that "Elm Ambassadors Program" is meat for students but does not contradict with their lectures and other academic requirements and is in accordance with students timetable. Each university shall have one Ambassador only.
He added that there are several advantages in the nomination of "Elm Ambassador" in any university. He/ she shall have priority of employment at Elm Company and shall have monthly reward in addition to training at the Company. According to the Director, Elm provides training courses for self-development to candidates. He explained that long-term investment lies in its Human Resources Sector, and the Company is looking forward to the transfer of knowledge to the community, and Elm's pursuit to  attract promising National Talents, paving the way for its growth, through a variety of incentive programs. Elm  has succeeded in achieving many things that have supported and strengthened the company's identity and aspirations to be the leading company in the provision of electronic projects, services and support-projects and training.
It shall be noted that "Elm" Company is one of the most important companies that give utmost importance to the training and development of its cadres through creation of contests and forums the outcome of which is creativity and innovation that keeps them in touch with modern technology on Information Technology (IT). The training of its employees is the most important priority of the Company, because this provides suitable atmosphere for work that motivates employees to be more creative and innovative thereby it reflects in the services provided by the Company and it in turn develops the performance.