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Elm participates in the healthcare exhibition and conference in London


Elm, the leading digital solutions provider is taking part in London Healthcare Exhibition and Conference in London on Jun 26 and 27.

The official spokesperson of the company and Vice President of Marketing, Majid Alarifi, clarified that Elm participation aimed at presenting the digital healthcare platform for remote patient monitoring.

This service enables caregivers to manage the health status of their patients remotely at home or elsewhere for providing integrated high-quality healthcare and improving satisfaction in the field of healthy living.

Alarifi also said that this service is expected to increase the scalability, efficiency of homecare centers and reduce healthcare cost while enhancing patients' treatment outcomes and levels of satisfaction. This platform can be considered as a documentation station for all remote-care operations.

He added that the service is available for a wide range of beneficiaries, since it seeks to find a solution for the lack of good healthcare services, manage costs and avoid medical mistakes while boosting productivity in this field.

Elm has a considerable experience in the field of health services which is directly linked to the Ministry of Health and with primary healthcare centers, Elm experience includes "Efada” which allows patients to get the result of their medical examinations. Also, Elm offers the “Health Information System, HIS". ‘Efada’’ records and transfers the examination results from the health centers that are accredited by the Ministry of Health to the databases of the concerned authority electronically and immediately without the need to go to the health center for getting results of the medical reports. Regarding "HIS", it is a service that targets all the daily procedures in health facilities through providing the basic and secondary services with high technology including disease control systems, laboratory data, and patient management data.

It is worth mentioning that Elm pays attention to the continued improvement of the integrated digital business services and developing them in a way that achieves the satisfaction of customers and fulfills their aspirations regarding the service delivery, in order to ensure the best customer experience.