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Elm celebrates 10 years of launching Elm Partners Program


In a ceremony held last Sunday under the slogan "10 years united in objectives, committed to excellence", the company celebrated with its partners who contributed to the development and delivery of the company products to its clients in the private sector.
The CEO Dr. AbdulRahman Aljadhai started the ceremony with a speech welcoming the private companies that have contributed to the success of the "Elm partners" program, elaborating that Elm believes that the concept of partnership is an important tool for the development of its business through integration and interaction with partners. Dr. AlJadhai added "We started in 2006 with four partners, we achieved growth and we expanded the network of our talented partners which now has reached 24 partners".
Dr. AlJadhai mentioned that "Elm" has executed more than one billion electronic transactions which contributed to the improvement of government services provided to citizens and residents, Elm partners have played an important role in the expansion and delivery of the company electronic services and products to reach more segments of society and widened circle of beneficiaries.
The Sales Department Manager at the company, Mr. Maher Al Wahaibi explained that Elm Partnership Program has gone through many stages starting from cooperation with sales partners to expand the reach of Elm products after clients realized the added value of our services, which encouraged us to innovate new services with different sectors to meet all requirements and needs of our customers, until we reached to a stage where we needed partners for technical integration  through Elm technology platform where we provided many services to our customers.
During the ceremony, partners went through Elm new electronic products and services launched by the company recently to keep pace with all the requirements and service level provided to the beneficiaries.
Elm has recently launched, in cooperation with the General Department of Traffic, "Mojaz" service, which is a new service that provides the available reliable information about any vehicle from the date of its arrival into the kingdom such as insurance, accident and other information. The service targets the used car market to help the buyer and the seller to make the right decision.
Elm has also launched "Allemni" service, it is a customized application which enables government and private institutions to send their messages and notifications to their beneficiaries, clients or applicants.
Furthermore, "Warshati" application was developed on Elm cloud, the application helps managing car workshops, receiving maintenance and repair requests and communicating with car owner. The service will enable the car owner (beneficiary) to know the status of the car maintenance and browse through workshops to check their quality through access to users review and experiences.
Elm is also preparing in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defense to launch "Salamah" service which aims to develop an electronic system that can manage the procedures to issue safety certificates by civil defense to the owners of facilities.
The "Project Management" service is considered the latest service offered by "Elm", it is an integrated cloud service that helps to manage projects of all sizes and their resources effectively, and to monitor them through the project life cycle, including all details and it allows users to know the project current status.
At the end of the ceremony, loyal partners who collaborated with Elm for 10 years were rewarded, they are:  SARA Business Solutions, Nesma, Taqneen for electronic Solutions and Shabakah Net.
The "Elm partnership" program was launched ten years ago to attract the largest number of outstanding technical partners to contribute to the support of growth and expansion, business development and to cover all segments of possible beneficiaries of Elm electronic services and solutions, in addition to the knowledge transfer between partners to allow new services to be provided and more options to present integrated electronic solutions, all the way to integration in the delivery of services provided to citizens, through the composition of a link between the government agencies and their clients using the latest technology and innovation of smart solutions.