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Dr. Aljadhie Interview


Over the past decade, ELM has been successfully providing innovative services and solutions to both the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its integrated portfolio of electronic services and information technology solutions as wellImg258521.jpg as diverse projects supporting the government’s e-programs are well-known for their comprehensiveness, reliability and quality, making the company an active partner of private and public entities. One of the company’s accomplishments is the successful implementation and operation of dozens of specialized centers that now provide support services for government staff. It had a clear imprint on the level of services related to training, development and learning. With a customer base of over 25,000, the company is witnessing an impressive growth in all aspects of its operations and will continue its steadfast commitment to provide excellent service and build strategic partnerships across key sectors.    

1. Can you tell us about the strategic role played by your company “ELM,” in terms of advancing the overall development in Saudi Arabia?Over the past few years ELM has been able to successfully consolidate its leading position as an active partner in advancing the comprehensive development pursued by KSA and specifically as a key player in efforts to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s e-government program. This is due prima​rily to the company’s commitment to the development of an integrated portfolio of electronic services, information technology solutions and projects that enable government agencies to provide their services electronically. This has helped simplify government procedures and meet the needs of customers quickly and efficiently, living up to the aspirations of both Saudi society and the business sector.

ELM aims to play an active role in supporting the development of national expertise and qualifying individuals as important additions to the local labor market. It intends to contribute to the localization of expertise in line with the Saudization program, either through the implementation of quality projects for the benefit of highly prominent stakeholders such as the "National Program for the benefit of job seekers" or through the application of high-level training programs in collaboration with global partners who specialize  in training and development.  

2. How do you rate the performance of ELM over the past few years in terms of your overall net profit and annual revenue growth?

ELM has been able to sustain its success in providing innovative services and solutions to meet the sophisticated needs of the Kingdom’s public and private sectors over the past decade. The company experienced even more success in 2012 due mainly to the launching of a new corporate identity reflecting the kind of creative thinking which has made it a leading provder of world-class IT services and solutions in Saudi Arabia. The company has been recording an impressive growth as of late in terms of the provision of government support and services and information technology and e-service capabilities, all of which have reflected positively on the company’s overall profit which is expected to continue rising in the coming years.  

3-Can you please inform us about ELM’s most prominent success stories within the Saudi market?

Our company has served a billion electronic transactions between 2004 and 2013, a significant achievement which we are very proud of. We have many success stories to tell involving our partners from both the public and private sectors, all of which are testaments to our expertise and superior capabilities. Perhaps the most prominent of these is the implementation and operation of dozens of specialized centers that now provide support services for government staff and a national qualification to the highest level possible. We have also had a clear imprint on the level of services related to training, development and learning. We have helped supply the Saudi market with local human capital in various fields related to information technology.  

Another success story we cherish is the establishment and operation of the Agricultural Information Center (AIC), one of the largest agricultural information centers in the Middle East. We have also made notable achievements working on the development of 7 recruitment centers in collaboration with "Takat", which in turn has helped in the recruitment of 15,680 people as well as the rehabilitation, construction, and handling of their civil status. In addition, our cooperation with the General Directorate of Passports and the General Directorate of Traffic has had a positive impact on the level of services related to passport delivery and overall traffic management.


4. What are your most important current and future projects?

 Elm has successfully implemented several reputable projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What drives the company’s success further is its steadfast commitment to enter into strategic key partnerships with both the private and public sectors.  We are currently working on a number of significant projects, including the Ministry of Finance’s ‘Work Process Development Project,’ which involves administrative and technical consultation; the ‘Civil Affairs Project,’ which includes operating service centers for locals and business units; the ‘Security Training Project,’ which includes arranging contracts and managing training processes; and the ‘Agriculture Information Project,’ which is one of our outsourcing management services.


As for technology-related projects, Elm is currently offering application development services as well as linking various systems through our ‘Electronic Services Project for Individuals,’ ‘Job Seekers National Support Project,’ and ‘Security Affairs Project.’


5. Tell us about Elm’s future strategy and what it will be based on?

 At Elm, we have adopted an ambitious strategy to enable us to further expand within the Saudi market. By the year 2017, we are targeting increased annual growth rates of 42.7 per cent for government support services; 44.5 per cent for information technology services; and 16.7 per cent for electronic services. These figures are significantly higher compared to 2011.


 6. What are the major sectors benefitting from Elm’s services and solutions?

 Elm offers a comprehensive group of services and advanced solutions to a wide portfolio of clients including those from the ministries, government agencies, banks, and leading private and public companies across various sectors. Our customer base currently comprises over 25,000 private and public organizations on top of individual customers.


7. Do you have any expansion plans within the regional markets?

 We are currently focusing on expanding within the local market. Our aim is to establish fresh partnerships with key government agencies, enabling us to provide our comprehensive electronic and information technology support services on a large scale. We are also keen on building solid partnerships with leading private companies to address their needs especially in cloud computing. Cloud computing is witnessing remarkable growth especially in the business sector due to its many benefits. It is cost efficient and provides increased efficiency and flexibility. We are looking forward to implementing our expansion plans within the regional market to capitalize on its promising opportunities and prospects.

8. Is Elm connected to international parties through partnerships?

 Elm maintains strong ties with major international training centers through strategic partnerships to provide training, development and learning solutions to its customers from the public and private sectors. We specialize in providing services such as ‘Training Professionals’ and ‘Special Training’ in collaboration with the world’s leading training institutions and elite global consultants to offer IT-related courses to manpower to attain professional expertise in the related industries and other vital fields.


9. Elm provides a comprehensive group of development, training and learning services. Can you please detail these services?

We strongly invest in human capital to address the growing demand for qualified and skilled manpower.  Having well-trained employees is instrumental to our growth and development. In line with this, we offer world-class training, development and learning in partnership with international organizations. This way, we will be able to better meet the needs of our customers.   

We employ a methodology that is based on the foundations of basic training to easily identify customer needs, measure performance, and follow-up on progress. We also prepare special training programs based on the requirements of government agencies and private sectors.  

 Our portfolio comprises five major programs, namely ‘Integrated Training Solutions,’ ‘Service Learning Management System and the Gates of the Central Security Training,’ ‘Training Experts,’ ‘Private Training Services Designed for the Public Sector,’ and ‘Integrated Training Programs’ which focuses on various areas such as self-development and interpersonal skills, leadership, digital evidence, and e-mail security and administration projects.