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At the Annual Ceremony, Elm Emphasizes its Customer-Centricity Strategy


Elm company, the pioneer provider of digital solutions, held its annual ceremony in Riyadh, which was attended by the company's employees of all Elm sectors and branches.

CEO of Elm Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai, called on the staff community to work towards realizing the company's strategic by enhancing efforts towards the current business and developing the company's products, as well as working internationally to transfer Elm business to world markets.

Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai highlighted the great efforts done at the level of projects and services during 2018, considering that this is a starting point for the current challenges associated with the growth and development process in Elm business that works to meet the needs of the market by providing all the digital solutions that promote both the government and private sectors.

Moreover, Dr. AlJadhai shed the light on Elm culture that relies on creativity, innovation, customer-centricity and digital solutions through omni-channel platforms, that accompanies the costumer from the very beginning of the journey to costumer evaluation of the service which resulted in raising the percentage of employee engagement and enabled Elm to be a great environment to work at in the digital sector.

On the other hand, Dr. AlJadhai underlined the significant growth of Elm’s products in 2018. He also pointed out the company plans for the current year which indicate the responsibility of all Elmers towards achieving the company's objectives which put the end user as a center of Elm business.

During the ceremony, a set of new benefits and loyalty programs were announced, as well as the new programs that will contribute to enhancing the communication among Elm employees. Also, Elmers who have completed 10 and 15 years were honored during the ceremony that was ended with entertaining activities for Elmers.