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An MoU between Elm and Smart MS SA company


Today witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Elm, a leading digital solutions company, and the Mauritanian company SA Smart MS at the Council of Saudi Chambers in Riyadh. The ceremony came as a part of a joint Saudi-Mauritanian business meeting, in the presence of the Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, Dr. Sami bin Abdullah Al Obaidi and President of the Mauritanian Employers Federation, Mohamed Zain El-Abidine. Such agreement epitomizes a shared interest of fostering substantial and fruitful cooperation in digital transformation in the Mauritanian market.

The agreement was signed by Elm's CEO, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Saad Al-Jadha'i, along with SA Smart MS's CEO Sheikh Abdul Rahman. The MoU's scope encompasses furthering cooperation in digital financial business, the unified medical record system, hospital management systems, and government digitalization services.

Elm's CEO, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Jadhaei emphasized that such step testifies to the company's interest in expanding business in North African markets, and resonates with Elm strategy of establishing a long-term business relationship in the Mauritanian market, as the company proposes to reinforce its role in the Mauritanian digital transformation.

Needless to say that Elm pushes through limits to invest in cultivating constant development and offer a pioneering role in providing digital services. It seeks to invest in knowledge-sharing, employ modern technologies in providing services to its broad base of local and regional clients within the public and private sectors. Such services resonate with its well-rounded expanding strategy, which aims to transfer its experiences and expertise in the areas of digitization, administrative operations, project management and particularly change management, either directly or through its local partners in the target markets in Asia and Africa. To that end, Elm urges steps to expand its local and international partnerships to reach its targeted markets.

As it grows its geographical reach, Elm commits to providing integrated solutions, digital products, consultancy, and training services to various sectors operating in the North Africa region. Such commitment urges Elm to export a set of new services and digital solutions to a number of countries, as part of its daring vision to reach new markets and establish new strategic partnerships contributes to the company's growth, optimization of its gains, and the export of its successful products and digital platforms.