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A memorandum of understanding between Elm and the Royal Commission Health Services Program in Jubail


Elm, the leading provider of digital solutions, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Royal Commission Health Services Program in Jubail RCHSP, in order to explore ways of cooperation between the two parties in the field of digital transformation of health services.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Nasser bin Zaid Al-Meshary, the vice president of Business Sectors at Elm company, and Mr. Mohammed Bin Sanad AlShammari, the program director. 

The electronic integration between Efada platform and Wateen medical system (the e-health file) was launched with the aim of transferring the results of medical examinations of driving licenses and residency permits in a complete electronic manner that raises beneficiaries’ satisfaction and reduce human errors when entering the results in Efada system. Moreover, the project aims at providing accurate data on the number of completed medical examinations and the estimated time of issuing those examinations according to clear performance indicators.

Mr. Majid bin Saad AlArifi, the spokesman and vice president of Marketing at Elm, stressed that the purpose of this agreement is to invest in the strength areas of each party to achieve the satisfaction of customers, adding that this agreement comes in line with Elm interests to provide digital health solutions in the local and international markets.

The program director, Mr. Mohammed bin Sanad AlShammari, mentioned that the agreement fulfils the commission’s interest in improving health services in Jubail Industrial City, hoping this cooperation will raise the levels of satisfaction among the program beneficiaries.

Mr. Bandar bin Sanad AlEnezi, the manager of the IT department, clarified that the implementation of this project enables the program to be the first provider of health services through electronic integration with Efada platform, that is directly linked to the Ministry of Interior system (Traffic and Passports). This project is considered one of the program goals towards digital transformation of health files in the hospital and all family medicine centers in Jubail Industrial City.

It is worth mentioning that Elm offers outstanding digital services characterized by omni-channel platforms provided with professional standards to fulfill the customer expectations, while also developing national expertise and localization of information technology in order to build a knowledgeable society in today’s fast-paced digital world. On the other hand, and the Royal Commission Health Services Program puts huge effort into offering high quality health services and providing the best health care for the community of Jubail industrial city and the surrounding areas.