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A signed MOU between Elm and Ahsa Municipality


Elm, the leading provider of digital solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding with Alahsa Municipality, to promote the joint cooperation between the two parties in the digital services and information technology.

The (MoU) was signed by and the Vice President of Business Sectors, Dr. Nasser ibn Zaid Almeshari and the Mayor of Alahsa municipality, Mr. Adel ibn Mohammed Almelhem.

The spokesman and Vice President of Marketing at Elm, Mr. Majid bin Saad Alarifi, stressed the importance of this memorandum since it aims to implement projects in field operations, supervising accommodation facilities, and the advisory services provided to the Vision Realization Office “PMO”, which relies on a joint team working on the strategic development in the municipality and its compatibility with the Ministry's strategy. Also, the agreement includes promoting the change management and enhancing procedures of the municipal services. Moreover, the cooperation aims to follow up the work of the municipality, establishing customer service centers, offering printing and document delivery services, as well as operating "Masarat" service for vehicle tracking.

For his part, the Mayor of Alahsa municipality highlighted the main goals of the agreement which aims to invest in the added value of the two parties, taken into account the municipality responsibilities in providing public services and developmental initiatives that go in line with Vision 2030. He pointed out the great contribution of Elm company in the development of digital services for public and private sectors.