A comprehensive development project to identify the training needs of a specific sector, develop and design training packages, and then control the training deliverables so that the sector can perform its tasks more effectively.

Training strategic transformation

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​​This is a strategic project which aims at bringing a qualitative transformation of the training objectives to be consistent with the organization objectives, this is done by developing human capabilities through education, knowledge and technical an​d behavioral skills to enable them to perform assigned tasks in accordance with the organization vision, by providing advanced training environment and then measuring the impact of training on the organization operations.

Project Outcome :​

  • ​Development of training strategy.
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
  • Design, develop and implement training packages according to the organization functions.
  • Design, develop and implement TOT program.
  • Measure training impact using Kirkpatrick Methodology.
  • Equip and maintain the organization training facilities.
  • Design, develop and implement leaders development journey.
  • Procure, install, operate and maintain training techniques (learning management system, training simulations, etc.).
  • Manage, develop and operate an Academy /Center/Training Institute.