Research Department, R & I Division

Mission and Objectives

Our vision is to attain advance knowledge in the emerging / cutting edge technologies and solve problems of today and tomorrow to benefit the broader community. 
Today’s technologies are the building blocks of the future world. We strive to learn and fulfill the promise of valuable experiences through data-driven, user-focused solutions. we study and anticipate the ways in which people will engage with technologies that are still in the making.
We engage in identifying industry trends, understand patterns of disruption and adapt-n-adopt revolutionary technologies to accelerate company’s growth today, and secure its business tomorrow.


Identify Latest Industry & Technology Trends
Engage in Local/Regional/Global Market Analysis
Collaborate with the research and academic communities
Internal & External Market Research
Business Use-Cases Identification (Qualification along with Business Stakeholders)
Study and evaluate new ideas
Idea inception and prototyping
Proof of Concept Implementation
Organizational Awareness
Leveraging industry use cases to adapt to local market
Facilitate successful delivery of use case

Technology verticals (IoT, Blockchain, A.I, Analytics, AR/VR, device tracking)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Analytics

Crowd Management (Hajj)
Monitor, Analyze and Predict crowd (Pilgrims) during Hajj, enabling authorities to provide smooth pilgrimage to Hajis and prevent any unfortunate incidents arising out of mismanaged crowd by implying techniques such as Crowd simulation and anomaly detection
Working with Beacons for location tracking
  • Medical Imaging Analysis (Healthcare)
Disrupting Medical Imaging using MRI’s, CT Scans and X-rays by Improving imaging analytics and pathology with deep learning. Health industry already has a great deal of big data available some of it have been made public for research and academic purpose. Deep learning on medical images can supplement the skills of doctors / specialists leading to earlier and more accurate diagnoses
Risk assessment in pathology 
  • ​Chat-boats for Appointments (Healthcare)
Smart Scheduling Assistant helps patients setup appointments with the right doctor and reminds them of pre-appointment and post-appointment actions. It can escalate/notify people if alarming real time data are coming out of conversation
Violation/Pattern detection
  • Identify and capture dangerous driving patterns from a mounted smartphone in a moving car
Natural Language Processing
Public Safety


Medical Health Records Blockchain
A Blockchain of medical health records of all citizens/residents in Kingdom, that cannot be tampered with, and can be viewed/updated only by Authorized people.
Yakeen Blockchain
Migrating all the Yakeen Data onto an Identity Blockchain (called Yakeen Blockchain), which will serve a single tamperproof database of identities that can be easily integrated with external systems for information and updates.
Land Registry Blockchain
A Blockchain to maintain title/deeds of all the residential or commercial lands in Kingdom, providing single source of verifiable and tamperproof historical data of every registered land in Kingdom on the Blockchain. 
Food, Drugs and Medical Devices Blockchain
A Blockchain of all medicines and medical devices imported or manufactured in Kingdom, so that the Track and Trace ability of any drug becomes reality in fraction of time. Aligned with Track & Trace Requirements of SFDA.
Educational History Blockchain
A Blockchain of all Education Degrees/Diplomas/Records by Ministry of Education, with authorized update Permissions to schools/colleges and read permissions to students or employers.
Employment History Blockchain
A Blockchain of employment History in Kingdom by Mistry of Human Resource & Development (HRD)
Waqf Blockchain
Mobile Wallets

Internet of things (IoT)

  • ​Healthcare – Remote/Home Healthcare
Monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings (e.g. in the home), which may increase access to care in chronic disease management improving individual's quality of life. Remote monitoring and trend analysis of physiological parameters such as fall detection, insulin levels and heart beats enabling early detection of deterioration
  • ​Transportation - Public Transportation (School Buses)
Tracking the routes of busses using Tracking devices connected to the buses. Monitoring pick and drop schedules with statuses and timestamps. Also, monitoring when-n-where student boarded and got-off the bus.
  • ​People Tracking from port of entry to exit during Hajj
Vehicle Tracking and Management

Virtual Reality

  • Developing new and personalized teaching methods using AR/VR tailored to student’s individual needs.
  • Using AI and/or VR to enhance the efficiency of medical care
  • Holo Lens Number plate recognition

Mixed Reality (MR) 

Teaching Aids in Education
Training Aids in Health or Labor Sector

Robotics & Drones

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Fast and complex maneuvers 
  • Precision distance measurements