Training Programs

General training programs

These programs were designed and developed to align client needs and best practices in the same field locally and internationally. A big group of best consultation and research organizations is supporting us to provide these programs.

These programs can be categorized into the following training groups:

1.   Personal skills programs 

Teaching key personal skills which help trainees to develop their capabilities and improve their performance in general life and in work. 

2.   Project management programs 

An integrated project management program that is mainly based on PMI project management methodology. 

3.   Leadership and management programs 

Good leadership and skilled management are key factors for the success of any organization. We will provide a group of featured programs in leadership and management field, which provide the participant the opportunity of gaining latest skills and techniques in this field. 

4.   Trainers preparation programs 

In order to get the intended benefit from the training and development provided to employees of any organization, all training course phases must be performed properly and must follow the highest professional degrees. Our programs include the training process management and training needs assessment and training methodologies and methods. 


5.   Facility management programs 

 A group of specialized programs in the field of facility management  

6.   Security skills programs 

A group of specialized programs in security field which contribute in leveraging the security sense of the participants. It will also provide them with the latest technologies in the fields of detection, documentation, and investigation of fraud, digital crimes and electronic criminal evidences. 

7.   IT skills programs 

A group of specialized programs in IT skills.

8.   English language programs  

An integrated solution built on the concept of developing trainee’s performance and monitoring the progress of gaining English language skills through specific performance indicators which are agreed on before learning start. This program is implemented in two paths: inside/outside Saudi Arabia. 


Special training programs

Implementing special training requests for the sectors, or proposals for training programs by ELM, to serve the key operational objectives of the sector.  


  • VIP protection
  • Saudi rescue team training
  • Firefighting station leader
  • Prison security