Government Outsourcing

ELM implemented a new strategy to successfully attain qualitative growth in business under the same working environment. The company’s comprehensive approach includes enhancing and improving government procedures and support by adopting the style of the private sector and focusing on satisfying client needs.

Solutions- Outsourcing Services

Areas of work

We provide outsourcing services to our clients. In implementing our services, we observe and implement our highest standards and regulations. We cover the following areas:

  • Service Center

ELM serves the needs of our clients’ customers whether it is in reception or operations or in any related task (e.g. typical centers of Civil Affairs and Traffic Centres).

  • Back Office

The services provided under this area are only limited to office operations such as the archiving centers of Civil Affairs and typing offices of Traffic Centres.

  • Facility Management

The services provided under this area are limited to managing companies operating in maintenance and construction, suppliers’ management and service support, including the Kashef service, security, safety, control rooms, prison accommodation and reformatory facilities.

  • Field Force

We provide workforce and re-organize the provided services.

  • Outsourcing Solutions

We provide Outsourcing Partners Solutions service to government agencies by linking them to specialized international and local partners in various fields. We help manage their relationships to ensure clarity and achievement of all work requirements and objectives. We make sure that our clients are fully satisfied by delivering our services at the highest quality only. For example, we established and ran the Agricultural Information Center.



Government Support- Top Projects
  • Typical centers for Department of Civil Status- Ministry of Interior
In cooperation with ELM, the Department of Civil Status achieved a quantum leap in style and quality of its services through establishing typical centers and developing the concept of ‘Customer Service’ to ‘Client Service’ and later to ‘Guest Service’.
Over 38 centers had been established to serve citizens and employ around 200 employees. The average of waiting period had been increased to two and half minutes, as compared to previous waiting times of one hour and 42 minutes.

  • Communication and e-Reception Center for Minister of Interior Office-Ministry of Interior
E-Communication Center for Minister of Interior Office to promote the visual communication with the Minister of Interior, submit and follow-up the applications electronically in order to facilitate the communication between citizens and residents with officials and decision makers. The center has processed 2,200 applications so far.

  • Traffic Service Center- General Directorate of Traffic
In cooperation with ELM, the General Directorate of Traffic established Traffic Service Centers to enable citizens and residents to complete their traffic transactions easily and smoothly. Through the centers, the clients can receive their traffic documents after applying for them through Absher Portal. 

  • Taqat Centers- Human Resources Development Fund
ELM is one of the operators of Taqat Centers of Human Resources Development Fund. Taqat Centers are specialized centers that help Saudi job seekers to find suitable jobs, with main focus on the beneficiaries of Hafez, through offering a wide range of guidance, training and employment services according to the highest standards ion order to enable jobseekers to enter labor market. 

  • Beneficiaries Services Center (Muaamalah)- Secretariat of the Medina
In cooperation with the Secretariat of the Medina, ELM conducted a study to develop the services provided by the Secretariat. The study paved the way to launch Muaamalah Centers that offer all commercial licensing services. Processing the transactions in Muaamalah Centers takes only 9 minutes.