Consulting Services

Good preparation is the first element of success of any project and taking advantage of the successful global and local experiences abbreviates time, effort and cost. ELM’s Consulting Services are the key to all the projects, as no project is devoid of any of our Advisory Services.

At ELM, we offer consulting services via integrated management and through a consultant staff that have long experiences in numerous technical, administrative and operational areas, and by adopting accurate plan that sets priorities and time.

We have been innovative in providing consultancy to government sectors in order to shift their transactions into electronic transactions (due to the accumulated experiences we have through our permanent work with government sectors). We also perform change management, re-engineering, improving procedures, designing effective services, and redesigning structures and job descriptions.

Among most prominent consulting services we provide are:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • Business Consulting and Information Technology
  • Change Management
  • Establishment of project management offices
  • Establishment risk management offices