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An e-platform that purpose to link establishments operating in the bus transport business with regulatory authorities. It enables the Public Transport Authority and related authorities to attain better control and monitor of the sector and improve the quality, safety, and security of transport operations.

Hafelat Advantages

Organize Busses transport and improve performance

Verify the legal status of the Busses and drivers

Raise the level of quality and boost the trust in the sector

  1. Objectives

    Control and monitor the quality and management of bus transport operations and development.

    Attract investment in the bus transport sector.

    Assure the validity of vehicles and drivers.

    Sustain and preserve all rights of relevant authorities.

    Raise the level of security and safety of roads and implement protection measures for the environment and infrastructure.

  2. Targeted Activities

    Specialized Bus Transportation: Transportation of pilgrims and visitors from home and abroad, tourism and relocation of employees.

    Educational Transportation: school transportation, teachers transportation.

    Public Transportation: public transportation within and between cities, international transportation.