About Us


Elm is a joint-stock company owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). We develop secure e-Services and high-profile government support projects that fully meet client expectations. We also aim to contribute to the build-up of national expertise and the localization of IT capacities.  


Our company develops creative and modern solutions delivered electronically through various channels, in line with our commitment to accelerate the development of a knowledge-based economy in step with today’s digital world. We deploy integrated electronic Services designed to meet the requirements of both private and government sectors. We can also manage electronic Services on behalf of our clients to enable them further to enhance their provided services either directly or through secure electronic portals. 


Elm ensures that it selects and retains the best team possible. We carefully screen creative and promising talents capable of coming up with unique ideas and putting them into practice for the benefit of our customers. 


Our History 

  • 1986: ELM Research and Development Company was established as a research company owned by the National Information Center. The company’s focus was on technology transfer and localization.
  • 2002: The company name was changed to Al-ELM Information Security Company and its specialization directed towards all services related to IT Security, including designing secure networks and conducting penetration tests, among others. Al-ELM Information Security Company witnessed remarkable success as it started to offer its services to the public sector and achieve revenues in support of the national economy.
  • 2004: The Company shifted its primary focus from offering information security services to providing   safe and secure electronic services.
  • 2007: A Royal Decree was issued to transform Al-ELM Information Security Company into a Saudi joint-stock company owned by the Public Investment Fund
  • 2010: Al-ELM launched its strategic growth plan and signed major contracts with government authorities to implement projects aimed at enhancing government procedures and support, in addition to other IT-related projects.
  • 2012: The corporate new identity was launched with a new name – “ELM”
  • 2014: ELM continues to implement its growth plan and to expand its scope of work to include the provision of direct services to the private sector and contracts with government entities to implement strategic projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Values 


In line with its constant pursuit of excellence and sustained success, ELM adheres to core values that focus on Work, Client, and Society. 

  • Work: We focus on knowledge transfer with a special emphasis on professionalism and credibility. We pay great attention to providing the appropriate work environment.
  • Client: We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and providing high-quality services that meet our clients’ needs.
  • Society: We strive to ensure information security and privacy, enhance services provided to customers, and promote IT awareness.

Our Scope of Work


Recognizing the growing needs of its clients from the private and public sectors, Elm has expanded its services to include technical, consulting, and support services. In order to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, ELM offers integrated services through a comprehensive process that extends from design and development of electronic solutions to their complete implementation on behalf of our clients. Our service portfolio includes:  

  • Electronic Services

  • Information Technology, Government Support, and Training Solutions

  • Advisory and Consulting Services