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Muqeem e-portal, a Elm service, allows you to link your establishment to the General Department of Passports. The e-portal gives you access to many services that allow you to issue, extend and cancel exit-re-entry visas,  issue final exit visas, view updated information about people under your establishment’s sponsorship and checking their status.  
What does Muqeem Offer?

Muqeem has been designed to offer more than 20 electronic services to all private sector establishments whether small, medium or large through several subscription packages that match your requirements. (Muqeem Shamel and Muqeem Amalyat). Each package offers subscribers access to most Muqeem e-Portal’s services, checking the status of the establishment’s sponsorees and generate reports related to it.

1.   Muqeem Shamel 

This service grants subscribers the possibility of using unlimited number of interactive processes as well as using all investigative processes conducted by an institution (or by the person in charge of that institution) concerning residents working in it in return for a one-time annual fee.


2.   Muqeem Amalyat

This service grants subscribers the opportunity of benefiting from specific services among the miscellaneous interactive processes and investigative services provided by Muqeem. This is in return for discounted annual fees. There are also fees paid for every interactive process carried out.

Interactive Services for Electronic Transactions:

1.      Issuing the one-time exit and re-entry visa

2.      Printing the exit and re-entry visa

3.      Canceling the exit and re-entry visa

4.      Extending the exit and re-entry visa

5.      Issuing the final exit visa

6.      Printing the final exit visa

7.      Iqama renewal

Inquiries about:

1. Resident’s data through the Residency number.
2.  General data regarding any resident on your sponsorship
3.  Information regarding driving licenses
 4. Any fines for any resident on your sponsorship
 5. About any resident by name 

 6. Exit and re-entry visa by residency number
7.  Exit and re-entry visa by visa number

Directorate of Passports’ Lists Electronic Services:

1.      List of all the residents under your sponsorship

2.      List of all new residents (those who have not received residency visas)

3.      List of all the holders of an exit-re-entry visa

4.      List of all the holders of a final exit visa

5.      List of persons with inactive records

6.      List of absconders

7.      Printing services of residents lists with their dependents

8.      General census electronic service

General Electronic Forms Service

1.      E-mail Service

2.      Khayarati Electronic Service

3.      Ikhtisaraty Electronic Service




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