• Ishaar SMS Service

​ Ishaar SMS Service is a notification service created primarily for government entities to disseminate information to individuals and organizations. Important transactions and inquiries with the General Directorate of Passports, the Ministry of Labour, the Traffic Department, and Hajj Affairs are coursed through this service. Using only a mobile phone, inquiries about any information regarding transactions made with these government agencies can be sent through Ishaar via SMS. Notifications and alerts can be sent out to clients or individuals about any update, upgrades, or status changes related to any government service from these four government entities that you have availed.

Ishaar SMS Passport Services:

  • Inquiry about the sponsored persons’ data
  • Inquiry about insurance status
  • Inquiry about finance balance

Ishaar SMS Services for the Ministry of Labour:

  • Confirming the registration of an employee in the Ministry of Labour’s systems
  • Company recruitment request follow-up
  • Inquiring about the last staff recruitment request submitted
  • Following-up on a recruitment request
  • Following-up on sponsorship transfer request
  • Inquiring about profession change request