• News "Muqeem" Service proves its success

Dr. Khaled bin Abdulaziz Al-Ghoneim, CEO of AL-ELM Information Security Company , developer and supervisor of "Muqeem" Service, confirmed that more than six thousand electronic exit and re-entry visas have been issued in 58 days by private sector service subscribers since it was actually applied in all border exits and airlines, where concerned officials of subscribed companies can issue individual exit & re-entry visa after paying its value through banks without referring to Passports Department. They can also check applicant's data around the clock throughout work days or even during official holidays and vacations.
Dr. Al-Ghoneim said, "Muqeem" has achieved remarkable success and is considered one of the most successful electronic services in Saudi Arabia due to the comprehensive information and data contained in it for the service of personnel affairs directors in both general and private sectors. It also helps them finalize their transactions related to Passports Department easily and rapidly, which nominated it to win in its second year the front two digits award of the Saudi Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, as Muqeem service is considered as a typical move in Governmental dealings and the beginning of transfer to Electronic Government in Saudi Arabia, being the first electronic service to achieve all terms of such Government.  
Al Elm Information Security CEO was pleased with the courageous steps aiming to direct all governmental sectors towards adopting more e-government techniques and approaches, as many governmental sectors are avid towards having more e-governmental methods to get their jobs and performance done in an effective way.
Dr. Al-Ghoneim said that the issuance of such abundant number of exit & re-entry visas would help the private sector in building more solid technological foundations and electronic exchange of files and other documents with state sectors in a way that can sustain more flexible performance and compliance with state conditions and requirement without yielding to old –fashioned modes of work.
Dr. Al-Ghoneim highlighted the role of Al Elm Information Security in providing e-services that can link all state sectors with wider cliental base by forging more interactive e-services and other packages of interactive utilities in a bid to stretch out a wide-flung database that can fulfill the ultimate interests of all sectors across the nation.
Dr. Al-Ghoneim highly appreciated such non-stop success story in terms of the issuance of many exit & re-entry visas, and attributed such wonderful breakthrough to the close collaboration between General Department of Passport (GDP) on one hand and National Information Center (NIC) on the other hand. Such collaboration was characterized by many procedures and steps offers to end users, whether citizens or expatriates, in a way that can upgrade the functionality of the overall state services.
Al Elm Information Security is a pioneering state corporation functioning in the safe e-governmental services. This corporation is one of the specialized entities aiming to link the state sector with the private one. This corporation is having a wide range of services such as " Muqeem " service," Yakeen "service, " TAMM" service and " Ishaar " service and other services.