• News Development of Electronic Exit Reentry visa cancellation has finished

The Development of Canceling the Return Visa Electronically Reaches its End

Al-Elm Information Security announced that the total number for return visas that were issued electronically during the last period through the new "Muqeem" service exceeded 50.000 visas, an action that the company considered to be an evidence of increased awareness of the benefits of electronic services between companies, large or small.

The CEO of Al-Elm Information Company Dr. Khaled Abdul Aziz Al-Ghonaim, confirmed that the number of the residents that belong to the organizations that are subscribed to the service exceeded 400.000 resident till now. This reflects the great satisfaction of this service and its importance among the owners of private organizations, as it helps them achieve the work related to their sponsored employees so easily and effectively, and from their own desks. 

The company confirmed in a statement that was distributed yesterday that it has finished the development of the Muqeem service so that the beneficiary can make use of the canceling the return visa electronically service, after the great success the service of issuing the visa achieved.
Dr. Al-Ghonaim said that canceling the return visa electronically is complimentary to issuing the visa, as the option to cancel the visas that were issued by the Muqeem service is now made available during the time limit allowed. This aims at developing interactive services in the "Muqeem" service to allow the subscribers to perform the transactions of their sponsored employees without having to visit one of the branches of the Passports Department.

Dr. Al-Ghonaim clarified that the sponsor has the right to cancel the single return electronic visa after issuing it at any time, as long as the travel date is not exceeded, taking into consideration that the "Travel Date Before" is three months from the date of issuing the visa, as the resident can not cancel a return visa after it is expired, or after it is used. He also clarified that it is possible to cancel the return electronic visa that has been issued from the Muqeem service.

He also said that it is not possible to cancel a return visa that has been issued from any of the branches of the Passports Department through the Muqeem service. Also, it is not possible to cancel the single return visa if the resident who owns the visa is out of the kingdom,
if the "Travel Before Date" is expired, or if the resident does not have any single return visa.

Dr. Al-Ghonaim said that Al-Elm Information Security will share its experiences in the field of E-Government in the IT and National Security Conference that will be held by the Head of General Intelligence next Sunday under the sponsorship of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Ibn AbdullAziz, through ten services that are offered by Al-Elm, like the Muqeem service, that exceeded two years old now, and the Shomoos, Tamm, Yaqin, Nafaz, and Ishaar services.

Dr. Al-Ghonaim confirmed that the participation of Al-Elm in this conference aims at achieving the objectives of the conference, through informing other people in other participant organizations and parties of the new developments and inventions in the field of IT, clarifying that Al-Elm is one of the leading companies in the field of E-Government through some of the services that are offered to both the private and general sectors and individuals.

Dr. Al-Ghonaim added " The company aims at meeting responsible people and decision makers to evaluate their past services and to discuss with them adding new services that might be useful to their sectors. Also, Al-Elm seeks to achieve all aspects of administrative development through taking fast paces to implement the programs of electronic transactions in governmental sectors, due to the importance of such programs in the movement towards full implementation of the E-Government in the kingdom, the issue that benefits the citizen by saving his time and effort, as he will be able to get the governmental services and information so easily.

It is worthy mentioning that the decision of the venerable council of ministers is issued to transform Al-Elm for Information Security from a limited liability company into a Saudi joint stock company owned by the government, and that is totally owned by the Fund of General Investments. The company has worked since 1408 H, and through many years, to get and settle technology and to meet the local needs in the field of information technology. In 1423 H, the company expanded its businesses and moved on to a new era through which it started to provide business services to private and general sectors, as well as to individuals. In five years, Al-Elm managed to provide more than ten wide-scale services, the most important of which are Yaqeen, Ishaar, and many other electronic services that cope with the national trend towards full E-Government, in order to provide secure electronic services to link the private sector with the general databases to build a central base that can serve all sectors and that can provide quality data in the field of electronic works. The company also established a Partners programs that aims at building a network for partners who have the main skills needed to propagate, develop and support the electronic services through marketing, selling, and advisory services. Lately, the company celebrated performing more than 64 million electronic translations this year with its partners.